Lailen's Pastries


You started your business with a dream; a passion to serve and give your customers joy whenever they come through your doors. You worked hard, researched, and slept late (sometimes so late, it was early) to get your products out there.

Your grit would eventually pay off, giving you a business that people love and keep coming back to.

But what are you going to do when new competitors come and your customers start expecting more?

Lailen’s Pastries had that problem when they asked for our help. It’s a business based in the City of San Fernando that specializes in customized cakes, brownies, sylvannas, and other unique pastries. Their products make it to the shelves of the biggest supermarket chains in the country, which is no mean feat for a family-owned business that started as a hobby.

Despite its success, Lailen’s had trouble differentiating itself from its competitors and being a consistent top-of-mind option for locals. To solve this problem, we collaborated with the client, conducted tests, and researched market trends that were effective for their target audience.

We wanted to preserve Lailen’s Pastries’ identity when we redesigned their logo so we didn’t veer far from its current one. We made a cleaner and more modern logo that was flexible for their marketing requirements.

Part of being a top-of-mind brand includes top-notch packaging. We gave their product boxes a total makeover to draw their customers’ attention and stand out from the competition.

Lailen’s Pastries’ old box design.

Lailen’s Pastries’ old box design.


The following are samples of the new designs.

We focused on content that equated Lailen’s with celebrations and special moments with the family. Pastel colors, sketches, and cute scribbles were a hit with kids and moms alike.

Every day, more and more fans experience Lailen’s Pastries’ sweet treats. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to see how they’re doing.