Foro Dela Barberia

Big chairs, leather seats, wooden interiors, dark corners, and moody lighting. A place of refuge and repose, where gentlemen of old meet with friends to relax, swap stories, decompress, and at times, do business. A good banter with the barber can have the same easing effect when flying solo. And yes, they do cut hair and give good shaves and massages. This is the classic barbershop.

Foro Dela Barberia aspired to become exactly that when it first opened its double doors on October 2017.


But, it faced many challenges. It’s based in Angeles City, Philippines, at a location not accessible by public transport. Competition was stiff. Similar shops in the area had a year or two head start and boast a loyal customer base.

JC Lim, the co-founder and General Manager, needed to focus on operations to make sure they deliver on their promise of premium barbering service.

John Carlo Lim, co-founder and General Manager, Foro Dela Barberia

John Carlo Lim, co-founder and General Manager, Foro Dela Barberia

So, they invited Prodigy to handle all its marketing needs. From strategy to identity design to social media marketing, we made sure that Foro Dela Barberia reached its intended niche audience.

To exude that premium classic feel, we designed an identity system based on three timeless colors: black, white, and gold.


We used low-key and warm photography to portray the dim, cozy atmosphere of the shop.


Our initial strategy was targeted towards young men (late 20s to mid-30s) aspiring to become well-rounded gentlemen. The brand needed to be something they’d be proud to be associated with.

Our regular content heavily featured valuable and actionable advice that helps boys learn how to become real men.

“We turn boys into men.”


After a year of successfully marketing to this segment and earning loyal customers, we’re now beginning to shift our strategy—at the client’s request—to attract older and more financially stable men. These businessmen, professionals, and expats care about one thing alone: to get the best barbering services money can buy. And yes, to have a regular forum (Foro in Latin) of men.

Visit the Facebook and Instagram accounts to see more.

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